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Interview :: Rob Farhat Artistic Director of 2013 #WebSummit

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Tomorrow night in Galway, the Shit Robot show.

It’s actually a misnomer, and pretty un-shit. They play the Sugar Club on Saturday and you can win tickets via Nialler9. That’s Galway or Dublin, so get ya GIF on.

By the way! It’s The Cast Of Cheers tonight and I think there may be a few tix left. They joyfully annihilated the Dublin crowd last night, so if you’re there, go.

A little information on where I get music for my blog, includes a mention of Tumblr (you should follow Bitzl R). Written for Two Tube, a television show for young people, features tracks by Squarehead, The Cast Of Cheers, Teengirl Fantasy and Slow Place Like Home.

Family, the highly-anticipated second album by The Cast Of Cheers, is released today: prepare for rave reviews because it is very good. You can watch the title track’s video here but a cool tour vid capturing their recent exploits with Blood Red Shoes went up yesterday, fills up the time nicely til you can go and buy it on your lunchbreak.